Sunday, September 25, 2016

What the New Google Penguin Updates Mean to Your Business

Recently Google just announced their changes to Penguin 4.0 update.  For the local business owner, there are primarily two areas that apply to you.  The first is Spam Filters. So assume you added some spun content and it read like a robot wrote it and you noticed droppings in your site rankings.  Once you noticed the adverse effect on your rankings, you can go in an rewrite the article and you no longer have to wait for Google to re-crawl your site. 

With the new updates in Penguin 4.0, you can now see updates real time in the search results.  This is actually a nice feature because with this new real time update, users no longer have to wait for changes to find out the effects of their websites. So you can instantly see results rather than having to wait. 

The second thing that Google is saying about this update is that they will no longer be adding penalties site wide. So if there is a page that is being penalized, Google is saying they will no longer penalize the whole site and just specifically the page in question. 

We at Trackable Results feel that both of these changes are more beneficial to local businesses as they will no longer have to wait to see what kind of impact recent changes made to their website and they don't have to worry about their whole site being penalized.  All in all, these changes will help website developers to get instant gratification as to whether changes made had a positive or negative impact on their rankings.  

For more information on building a website or online presence for your business, visit Trackable Results or dial (630) 326-5556 to discuss your company's online strategy.

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