The front page of Google consists of 3 parts, paid ads, the organic search results and Google My Business, Google 7 Pack or Google Places.  If you are paying for traffic, you already know about false clicks and how the fees can add up quickly.  Trying to rank in the major search engines is can be very difficult.  Luckily for local businesses owners, the majority of clicks and calls come from the Google Places section.
The Google 7 Pack is Google's free directory that enables business owners information to be displayed on the front page of Google.  Previously, Google displayed up to 7 local businesses in the local search results in the local directory section.  Since Google is getting in the local business arena, they have cut the number of listings down to 3 from 7 .  This means it is now even harder to get listed on the front page of Google and if the number of calls dropped down over the last few weeks, this is why.
But there three are ways to increase Google's preference to display your business.  First is the accuracy and completeness of your profile.  If your profile is not claimed or not completed, your business will not display accurately.  
The second factor Google uses to rank local businesses in their local directory is the  number of listing citations featured in the major local directory sites.  Basically the more the merrier.  But you must be careful that all of the listings are filled out exactly the same.  These citations create back links to your site which help improve your website optimization.
Most likely the answer is no and this is the same thought process that goes through consumers heads each time they make a purchasing decision or inquire about a product or service.  The bottom line is that no one wants to have a bad experience and therefore Google gives priority to businesses with the best reviews. 
So if you want your business to show up more in the search results and you want to get more calls coming in to your business, make sure you are constantly monitoring these factors.  If you would like to learn more about getting your business to top of Google, click here or go to
As you can see, the local directory gets the overwhelming majority of traffic.